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What is energy healing? This is not a commonly asked question, and the answer can be difficult to hear. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel or some distant part of the world that we know little about. It is common knowledge throughout many cultures in which energy healing has been practiced for thousands of years. Everyone knows how it works, but when someone mentions energy healing in North America, there seems to be either ignorance or confusion on what they might actually mean by this word and this practice.

If you’ve ever been in a session or read about energy healing, you know it’s more than just a massage and a nice feeling. Energy healing is the infusion of natural life force into the body through intention from the healer to do so. Energy healing is the process of using one’s own energy to heal oneself, others, and the environment. It often utilizes various methods such as colors, sound, light, or touch.

Energy healing is the process of using energy to balance and improve one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The use of energy healing dates back centuries and has been used by many cultures in various ways. Treatments can be hands-on or hands-off and interventions include visualizations, meditation, sound therapy, and mantra chanting.

energy healing

In many cultures, energy healing is called Reiki, or in Spanish, Cristales. In India, centuries-old art of healing called Ayurveda is very popular and most forms of healing include a wide range of treatments that include massage techniques and remedies derived from herbs. In Eastern Europe, where Shamanism is most prominent, the most common type of energy working is called Vechiclesh.

In energy healing, one can engage in hands-on work which promotes physical changes by utilizing one’s hands to touch the body with intention. The healer may also attend with the intention to have a more general effect on the client’s physical being for their benefit. An actual touch of the hands is not entirely necessary, for we all know of distance healing where no touch is possible.

The more effective forms of energy healing, which include the most experienced and established healers of today and throughout history use their hands and give a person a session that can last anywhere from a few minutes to even an entire day depending on what is needed. Many energy healers use techniques such as Reiki, crystal healing, chakra balancing, Vechiclesh, and more.

The science of energy working is a vast and ever-changing field that was developed through a lot of research and study in the healing arts. A person who does not have a scientific mind or training may not be able to comprehend that energy healing is a vulnerable subject. For many people, it’s simply not “real.”

There are many reasons why someone might choose to engage in an energy healing session: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and more. These can include injuries, stress, illness, degenerative conditions, just to name a few. The science of energy healing is very comprehensive and understanding it can be very helpful for many people.

Oftentimes clients are hesitant to engage in an energy session without knowing or understanding the process beforehand. This makes it difficult for them to engage in the healing process right from the get-go which often tends to backfire. In order for a client to get something out of his session, there must be some sort of curiosity or commitment on their part. Both the client and the healer must have a healthy respect for each other’s abilities before beginning so that nothing is misused or misinterpreted along the way.

There are many types of energy healers, ranging from the novice to the master. There are many “hands on” healers who work with their hands to give their clients a session that is often more effective than ones that may not touch at all. There are ultimately different forms of energy healing that come in different forms, signs, and symbols.

As mentioned above, one of the most common forms of energy healing is Reiki healing, a process that involves focusing on one’s own energy field and through a series of movements and procedures transfer this energy into a client’s system. This is done to restore balance and harmony to a person’s being.

So in closing, if you’re considering getting an energy healing session, make sure you know what you’re getting into and understand the process beforehand. If you’re looking for an energy healing session, do some research and find a healer who offers the best fit for you and your needs. The more informed you are, the better off you’ll be. Good luck.

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